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Kids and climbing are a perfect match, and we're passionate about introducing the next generation to the sport. At Social Climbing we offer several options to get your youngsters started:

  1. Climb with Your Kids: Join in the fun! Supervise your young climbers (with a 1 adult per 2 child ratio) anytime we’re open. It's a great way to bond and be part of their climbing adventure. Just sign their waiver and come in for your induction whenever suits you!
  2. NIBAS Classes: Fancy a break while they learn? Sign up to our weekend NIBAS (National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme) classes. Suitable for anyone over 7, these sessions are led by our expert coaches, ensuring a safe and fun learning environment. Check out the links below for each age group.
  3. Celebrate with Climbing: Planning a birthday bash or a special celebration? Host a kids party at Social Climbing! With room for up to 18 kids, let them enjoy an exciting climbing session while you relax and capture the memorable moments. Click here for more info

Please also bear in mind everyone under the age of 18 will need to have their registration form filled out by a parent or court appointed legal guardian BEFORE arrival!

social climbing vouchers

climbing for christmas?
bouldering birthdays?

Whether you need a last minute gift for your climbing friend or want to introduce someone to their new favourite hobby, we have loads of options for you. From passes to shoes, hoodies to chalk bags. Check out our pricing page if you are unsure how much to load up the gift card.