Ready to climb?

step six
grab some gear

You've conquered climbing 101, you live and breathe bouldering and now it's time to look the part by treating yourself to some shoes, clothes and climbing gear from our shop.

step five
fine tuning

If you want to spend time with a dedicated coach to help you with a tailored 1 to 1 coaching session then you can send an enquiry or give us a call to book your session. Try a premium coaching session with former GB team member & head coach Orrin.

step four
take it up a notch

Book onto our Improvers classes. These are designed for climbers who have reached their 'plateau' and are struggling to get passed a certain grade.

step three
a bit of help

Do you want a head start or an extra hand when it comes to climbing? We have a wide range of coaching sessions, there is something for everyone.

step two
just turn up

There is no need to book, just turn up! ​On checking in for the first time each climber will have to pay a one off £3 registration fee and take part in a short safety demonstration. (All U18s must be supervised at a ratio of one adult per 2 U18s!)

step one
the waiver

All participants must have a signed waiver before climbing, click below to fill it out online:

Journey Starts Here
take it to the next level
getting the hang of it
welcome to an obsession...

Welcome to Social Climbing! We're fuelled by our passion for climbing and our dedication to fostering a community of enthusiastic climbers.

Getting into climbing has never been easier, and with the right guidance and encouragement, you'll find yourself making rapid progress and falling in love with a lifelong sport.

We've designed an exceptional roadmap to help both newcomers and seasoned climbers achieve their goals and enhance their skills. Join us at Social Climbing, and together, we'll help you reach new heights on your climbing journey.

'Climb' up to get started