Competent Minor (14-17yo)

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At Social Climbing Leicester, we know that young climbers are passionate, driven, and eager to explore the climbing world. That's why we've created the perfect course to empower teens with the skills and confidence they need to scale our walls independently!

Say goodbye to parental supervision and hello to self-reliance! Our course has been meticulously designed for 14-17 year olds who are ready to take their climbing journey to the next level. Over the course of four sessions, our expert instructors will guide these young climbers through the essential techniques and safety measures required to navigate our centre without the need for adult supervision.

Here's what you can expect from the course:

  1. Expert Instruction: Our certified climbing instructors have years of experience working with climbers of all ages and skill levels. They will provide personalised guidance and support, ensuring each participant learns at their own pace while having a blast!
  2. Safety First: We prioritise safety above all else. Our comprehensive course covers essential safety procedures, including, risk management, and communication techniques, so teens can climb confidently and responsibly.
  3. Skill-Building: The course is designed to hone each climber's skills, from mastering basic climbing techniques to tackling more challenging routes. Our instructors will provide invaluable feedback to help participants refine their skills and reach their full potential.
  4. Friendship and Fun: Not only will your teen become a self-sufficient climber, but they'll also have the opportunity to forge lasting friendships with like-minded climbers. Our engaging and interactive sessions promote a positive and supportive atmosphere, where everyone can thrive.

By the end of the four sessions, participants will be assessed for their competence and, if successful, will receive a sign-off that grants them the freedom to climb independently at our centre. No more waiting for a parent or guardian to tag along - the walls are theirs to conquer!

Please note: All supervisors will have to register online as well as the climbers! You will have to do this BEFORE you arrive at the centre.

If you are taking any under 5s into the centre, please be aware they will not be able to go onto the matting and will need to be continuously supervised whilst in the centre.
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