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Unlock New Grades: Improvers Class at Social Climbing Leicester!

Stuck in a climbing rut? Break free and level up with our Improvers Class, designed for experienced climbers ready to crush plateaus and reach new grades. For just £4 on top of your normal entry, it's time to invest in your climbing potential!

Please note: This class is currently available for over 18s only.

What's in it for you?

  • Grade Progression: Tackle tougher challenges and conquer higher grades. Learn how to push your limits in a safe way.
  • Improved Techniques: Let our expert coaches fine-tune your climbing style with advanced techniques for smooth, efficient ascents.
  • Training to Progress: Get ideas from to build your own training plan, focused on skill-building, strength, flexibility, and endurance to take your climbing to the next level.
  • Experienced Coaches: Learn from the best! Our dedicated coaches bring years of climbing experience and expertise to guide you on your journey.

Don't wait – join our Improvers Class at Social Climbing Leicester and elevate your climbing game! Secure your spot now and get ready to climb better than ever before!

Please note: All supervisors will have to register online as well as the climbers! You will have to do this BEFORE you arrive at the centre.

If you are taking any under 5s into the centre, please be aware they will not be able to go onto the matting and will need to be continuously supervised whilst in the centre.

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