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Do I have to book?

Good news - you no longer have to book a space for general admission, just for any group bookings or classes.

I'm  under 18 - Can I sign my own waiver? 

Anyone aged 17 and under will need their parent or legal guardian to sign their waiver. Siblings and further relatives will not be able to sign!

What is your minimum age to climb?

5 years old is our minimum age - anyone under the age of 18 needs to be supervised by an adult.

What do I wear?

Basically anything you don't mind getting a bit sweaty in! Gym stuff works best. Try and avoid jeans!

Can I just leave my kids to play? 

Unfortunately not! Bouldering is an extreme and dangerous sport and is not for little people to be left unattended. 

Can I just wear my trainers? 

Climbing shoes are sticky and designed to be climbed in, as trainers are not, they can be potentially very dangerous if they slip off! 

Can I take a group of children? 

Of course you can! BUT you will still have to be within the 1 adult to 2 children, so make sure you have enough adults! 

Do you have ropes and harnesses? 

Bouldering doesn't require ropes and harnesses. The walls are 4.5m high and have large crash matts underneath, so if you do fall, the mats cushion the impact. 

I have never climbed before, is there a coach to help?

Part of the induction process can include a bit of coaching to help you get off the ground. If you would like a bit more, come and ask one of our members of staff, they will be happy to help you out. 

Is there a time limit? 

As of the 19th July you have all day to come and go as you please.