We are changing the way we operate

Please read!

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for the support shown in this difficult time, we can not be more appreciative. 


To try and keep you and our staff as safe as possible, we have had to change a few things.

When are we re-opening? 

We are hoping we can be open as soon as we possibly can. In line with government guidance that will be when gyms can reopen and we will publicise that as soon as we have a better idea.

When we are open, it will be normal opening hours, just with a few differences. 

Our staff have also taken part in training with our technical advisor to get up to speed with the new hygiene policies. 

With the new system and social distancing rules, it may take a bit more time to process people as they come in. So we please ask for your patience while we all get used to the 'New Normal'. 

new changes

BOOKING SYSTEM - Following new government guidelines we have implemented a booking system alongside a capacity cap of 35 people to ensure our climbers are able to socially distance easily. Everyone wanting to climb, including our members and punch card holders, MUST book their place via the website before arriving to the centre. You will be able to book a 2 hour slot once per day and pay online before you come to minimise contact with our staff. In-order to comply with these new regulations we can now only allow anyone looking to climb, or anyone directly supervising a child, into the centre. BOOK HERE!

CASHLESS TRANSACTIONS - To help reduce the risk to our staff and yourselves, we will only be accepting card or contactless payments for any items bought from the centre. 

CHANGING ROOMS & SHOWERS - We are currently unable to offer showering and changing facilities, this means that you must now arrive for your pre-booked session changed and ready to climb, and head home to shower after your session.

MEMBERSHIPS - All of our memberships were frozen on the day the doors closed. They will be unfrozen on the day the doors open! Please remember you will still have to book a spot to climb. 

HYGIENE STATIONS - We will be advising all of our climbers to sanitise their hands on arrival and exit. We have also installed hand sanitising stations throughout the centre for customers to use. Our staff will be regularly cleaning all high contact areas such as door handles, reception desks, WCs and the cafe to ensure increased levels of hygiene are maintained throughout the centre.

SOCIAL DISTANCING - All climbers must adhere to the government's social distancing guidelines wherever possible when in the centre. We have put up posters around the centre to make sure that our community understands what that means in the context of our wall. 

CHALK AND RENTAL SHOES - There has been a lot of discussion around what chalk is acceptable in the current climate, we have decided to allow all forms of chalk but would recommend liquid chalk if you are able to use it comfortably. At this time we will be unable to rent out chalk bags, however we will be able to rent out hire shoes. These will have to be worn with socks by all participants and will be sanitised both inside and out after every use.

MASKS - Following government guidance we ask everyone to wear a face mask in the building except when you are physically climbing on the wall, eating/drinking, if you're under 11 or have any medical reasons.