National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme

What is NIBAS? 

The National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme (NIBAS) is a nationwide scheme designed to provide a structured progression for young climbers to progress from complete novices through to experienced indoor boulderers. It is open to candidates aged 7 and upwards. It is designed to get young people into climbing! 

There are five levels, here at Social Climbing we offer levels one to three. 

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NIBAS is a gateway to learn more about the sport, history, styles and ethics. Join over 120,000 people who have registered to the scheme and develop to be the best climber you can be. Here at Social Climbing we are passionate about introducing young people to the sport, and developing climbers to reach their goals. 

Level 1 is a pre-requisite for all levels. 

Level 1

New Boulderer

The first level is focused on the safety of the sport, climbing etiquette and of course, climbing. 

This typically takes 6 weeks. Sessions are 60 minutes, every Saturday at 12noon and  3pm. Click the button below to book. 

Level 2

Foundation Boulderer

Level two starts to look into the specific skills and techniques in climbing. Learning the names of techniques and areas of the wall. Sessions are also 60 minutes, every Saturday at 4:30pm. Click the button below to book.

Level 3

Competent Boulderer

This is the highest level we offer here at Social Climbing. During this level, climbers will take ownership of their own technical development and set their own goals. A lot of climbing is needed to develop the technique and movement required to pass, that means more time on the wall of course! This can be booked as a 6 session block, or individual sessions. Three months is a good time to allow for this level. 


Block of 6 sessions - £60*

Log Book (Level 1 to 3) - £9


Shoe hire (per session) - £3

Individual/Drop in session - £12